About Us

“Modular Kitchens – Term used for the modern way of making kitchens consisting of modules of cabinets called carcass made by different / diverse materials such as different types of woods, stainless steels, aluminum etc. that may include different accessories that makes spaces optimal in a kitchen.”

Started as freelancers for contracting modular kitchens and cabinets since 2009, they were able to come up with solutions for every concerns their client has in their kitchen and cabinet projects. Taking every experience to account, every product encountered are tested and every design solution considered. As projects go through, finishing freelance projects after another (General Construction and Modular Kitchen and Cabinets) the founders, An Engineer and an Interior Designer, established the company that loomed to be Stak. They have always kept in mind that “everything you need in construction, stacks, and every module for every cabinet of every kitchen stacks” so they decided to name the company “stak”.

Stak Modern Kitchens is established in 2017 in Marikina, Metro Manila in the Philippines. We are in the business of making Modular Kitchens, Closets, Dressers, Entertainment Cabinets and Vanities – Standardized and Customized. Making sure our products and services must be delivered at a high quality, we provide our clients top tier teams in full coordination.

Our Sales team, provides all the details needed for the design and materials that our clients have to know before making decisions, responding to every client’s queries before, during and after the product has been installed, maintaining relationship even after every project.

Our design team tailor fits the design for our clients while maintaining aesthetic and function, assuring the best ergonomic properties for the kitchen as well as cabinets, studying even the smallest of detail.

Our installation team ensures installing the product in the highest quality possible.

Our Suppliers that are on the top in their industry, providing products that maintain high quality control and good warranty deals for the client to experience assurance for the quality and durability of the hardware installed.

All our efforts to bring reason to make affordability and luxury to a product of quality.


To be one of the top tier companies that provides modular kitchen and cabinets. Aiming for a brand that is well known for quality, functionality and flexibility in aesthetics, a brand that is stak. Always taking the industry to a higher level


To provide our clients with red carpet service and using high quality and diverse products. To give the client the best design from bird’s eye view to the littlest of detail. Continuing the discovery of the latest and state-of-the-art products and hardware available.

Core Values

Every Client will be treated with respect. Always giving the best option for every situation for every needs of the client. Assuring honesty and integrity for every transaction, punctuality for every meeting and the giving the best business ethics we have inside our company to our client.

From Luzon to nationwide, from Philippines to Asia and from Asia to the World. We aim to provide stylized, functional and modern modular kitchens and cabinets to every family possible.